Settling In

Any transition and move is full of varying emotions.  Adventure.  Loss.  Regret.  Anticipation.  Joy.  Confusion.  Frustration.  Clean slates.  To me, in the midst of these transitions, I’ve found it crucial to grasp onto some rituals and routines.  This has become especially true since we added kids into the mix.  The sound of the grinder each morning is like a welcome Pavlovian reminder:  clarity is a cup away.  We became fans of Taylor Maid Farms coffee while living up in West Sonoma County and are savoring the last few beans from our stash.

The french press was purchased in Bandon, Oregon while on one of our summer trips; the Navarro Vineyards llama mug is a reminder of one our our favorite wineries up in Mendocino; the “Take a Hike” huge mug from Golden Gate National Park highlighting some of our favorite hiking spots. All of these memories, crossing our minds each morning over our coffee. This ritual is such a treat each day.

As we start this new venture and settle in after our move to Sunnyvale, I am seeking to cling to some of these older rituals and find new ones for our family. One of the new rituals that has been a surprising lifeline for me has been reading blogs of others. They have provided inspiration for me with ideas for projects to do with Alex. They have reminded me that I’m not alone as a mom at home with the kids and some days with little to no adult interaction. They have provided moments of God’s presence. And most importantly, lots of joy and laughter. So, I decided to take a little risk and use this as a way to share about our life, to connect with others and to push myself into some new, challenging areas.  Here’s to the adventure!

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