Pining for a Pedicure

I caught a glimpse of these toes this morning and realized in horror that things have gone wrong…..VERY wrong.  I sat for a minute, trying to remember when I’d last splurged to have a pedicure or done my nails myself.  Remembering the enormity of my mid-section just months ago (and still now….note to self….work on losing baby weight), I realized that just 2 months ago I couldn’t bend over to give myself a pedicure!  Matt and I had taken a day off to celebrate his 41st birthday on October 1st and he’d treated me to the best gift ever:  a pedicure at Coldwater Creek Spa in Santa Rosa.  Not sure how to express the magnitude of that experience, but magical and life shattering might come close.  We had sprung for it in hopes that a pedicure might spur Baby Gough’s arrival as it did Alex’s back in 2007.

No luck on bringing Drew any sooner.  In fact, he took his own sweet time, not arriving for eleven more days.  But, seeing my toes this morning reminded me of how much time has passed since he arrived.  It’s already a bit of a blur and going way too fast.  Despite being woken up throughout the night to feed and missing out on a full night’s sleep, it would be so fun to keep him at this stage!

Some of our favorite things with him include:

~making monk-like “ommmmm” sounds which getting him cooing

~hearing him say “hi”…just his version of vocalizing, but it’s seriously startling to hear it coming from a nearby room

~quiet moments during nursing to just slow down and soak in the gift of him

~his “look” that lets you know a little *gift* is on its way in the diaper

~the developing neck and head strength, especially on his play mat

~the furrowed brown (see pic below)

Needless to say, it’s hard to believe that he’s two months old today.  He has already been an enormous gift to us and I can’t wait to watch his personality and place in our family continue to unfold.

My friend Amy Hanson posted this quote this week celebrating eight months with her fourth child, Johanna.  It is written about a girl and Amy has much more “rights” toward using it as Johanna is her FOURTH munchkin, but I’m stealing it nonetheless.  Enjoy….

“But the last one:  the baby who trails [his] scent like a flag of surrender through your life when there will be no more coming after–oh, that’s love by a different name.  [He] is the babe you hold in your arms for an hour after [he’s] gone to sleep.  If you put [him] down in the crib, [he] might wake up changed and fly away.  So instead you rock by the window, drinking the light from [his] skin, breathing [his] exhaled dreams.  Your heart bays to the double crescent moons of closed lashes on [his] cheeks.  [He’s] the one you can’t put down.”

Barbara Kinsgolver from The Poisonwood Bible


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