End of the Day Goodness

After being home for a few days due to Alex’s chest cough, I was able to get out…and not just to Trader Joes!  We had the chance to be guests at Logos tonight for their Christmas Party.  So fun to hang out with adorable 2nd-6th graders and a huge crew of wonderful parent volunteers.  Next, we trekked up to the youth room for Blend.  Every few months both the junior and senior high students get to hang out together for youth group.  The kids were supposed to come dressed up in ugly Christmas sweaters or a Christmas costume, so I decked Alex and Drew out in their Christmas pjs.

I’m finding that there are times where I’m rushing so much to just get to places with everything we need (diapers, binkies, hats, socks, my wallet,etc) that I miss the event itself, even when I’m there.  Needless to say, I’m trying to wake up and savor the moments before me and be present fully.  So tonight, even though we didn’t get home until 9:15pm, two hours after Alex is typically in bed, asleep, I took a moment to soak these boys in.

First two pics are of Alex after decorating Drew’s swing with the most ANNOYING motion-activated Santa lights.  ANNOYING for adults, fun for 3 year olds.

Third shot is a reminder of why I love youth so much.  How hilarious is this name tag??!?  Perfect for white elephant exchange fun..

Fourth-Seventh are fun shots of the boys in their pjs.  Cozy.

Finally, a shot of sweet Drew relaxing and sleeping after a pretty busy and intense evening.  Nothing better, in my opinon!

One thought on “End of the Day Goodness

  1. Look at you. Zero to pro blogger in 3.2 days! I love your blog, your writing, your pics… and you. Duh. Looks like a fun party and only a glimpse of what is to come. Sending love.

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