Drew continued to take a turn for the worse today.  Click here to see Drew’s plea for your support.  Thanks to some wonderfully supportive men (Matt and Dad), my mom and I got to escape up north to San Francsico to the Renegade Craft Fair.  If you’re reading this on Sunday, December 19th, and live anywhere close to the Golden Gate, you should immediately cancel all your plans and GO!

I heard about the fair on Jill Bliss’ blog awhile back and put it on my calendar in pencil, hoping to go, but knowing that with two kids it just might not happen. But happen it did. The stormy, rainy weather could not dampen my spirits, gosh darnit.

The fair was a whirlwind of indie-crafts from jewelry to clothing, ceramics to stationery, bath products to bags to posters.  It was unbelievable.

Here’s some of my favorites (Forgive the horrendous lighting and pics.  Couldn’t stomach dragging my huge digital camera around, so these are from my phone.):


These amazing creations from Dry Well Art…called Meat Sections:


Wiggly Eye Dice (future craft project alert….)


Adorable “It’s Not That Far Really” postcards


Was a sucker for (and bought!) these from The Poster List….seriously….you can’t beat breakfast.


Cool 3-D art


Mustaches seemed to be a theme there today…


Loved this cool growth chart….fabric and then cool slips of cardstock to record info and pin on.


Cute tea towels from The Heated


Hilarious “retro” bags from Brave Moonman


Almost bought one of these from Viva Zapata….oh, Lord!


Splurged on a scarf from Appetite


Jill Bliss‘ booth


Too pricey, but fun local nod to BART and baby boys!


Beautiful pottery….


My favorite….an Ira Glass pillow (for those of you “This American Life” fans out there!)


Buttons and COOL CLOCKS (not pictured) from


I drooled over these Tom Girl earrings for a long time, but at $68 a pair, even for hand-cut leather, I had to sadly pass.


Absolutely EVERYTHING from Rae Dunn


Best part was happening onto Teresa from Texture Clothing…a wonderful Bellingham, WA store that I love!!!  Bought a skirt.  Couldn’t resist.


Despite the crowds….

it was an awesome day in the city by the bay….

with my Mama!



4 thoughts on “Renegade!

  1. Nice work documenting the whole thing! I was so in awe I didn’t even think to take out my camera. What a joy though. So many cool things. I bought some cute earrings and was inspired to start my own knitting project. Eternity scarfs, here I come!

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