The Years Are Short

We had a great, full day with family.  I had this weird moment as my nephew, JD, climbed into my lap.  He’s still a **LITTLE** shorter than me, but somehow he just turned eight and is in third grade.  I started snuggling him and moaning about how quickly he’s grown up giving him tons of kisses.  It feels like yesterday that we were juggling and cuddling him during the holidays right before our wedding.  He was one.  What happened?  How did that time fly by?!?  I know there’s quotes about these kinds of things.  Quotes like “the days are long, but the years are short”.  Sayings that are meant to make those crazy hard parenting days seem easier.  Usually these quotes make me roll my eyes.  But today, it made sense.

p.s.  Yes, that is our child, teaching us about US history from an upside down book.  Maybe it makes it more palatable?!

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