Santa Pulled Through….

Ever since Alex was doing his potty training boot camp back in October, he has been hell bent on getting a cargo boat.  He had seen this cargo boat in his favorite book, “Cars, Trucks and Things that Go” by Richard Scarry.

We used a book whose strategy promised “potty training in one day”.  Sound too good to be true??  Well, I was skeptical, but seriously, it was amazing.  By 11:30am on the Potty Training Day, we were already seeing it was working.  Alex has had a few accidents since, but hey, who wouldn’t with a new move, new brother, and new school?  I found it slightly amusing that I had prayed that we’d have some non-diaper time between the two kids.  God granted my wish….Alex was potty trained on October 3rd.  Drew was born October 11th.  Seven.  Whole. Days. Wow.

Anyhow, back to the cargo boat.  Throughout that Sunday that we were potty training, we kept saying, “Elmo is so proud of you!  Bob the Builder is so proud!” etc and eventually got to Santa.  And Alex has been discussing that in honor of his successful hard work that he’d be getting a cargo boat for Christmas from Santa.

Well, who do I turn to when in need on model boats?  Clearly, Jerry Julian.  My dad is one of the most humble people I know, so he’d never promote his amazing talents, but I will.  He can seriously craft an exact replica of almost any nautical craft from scratch.  Say he needs a ladder?  No BUYING one….no, he brings it down to scale and sauders one himself.  He builds fiberglass molds himself.  He paints to the exact “T” the color scheme of any boat.  He is, hands down, AMAZING.

So dad got to work a few weeks back and whipped out a replica to match Richard Scarry’s illustration, down to the colors!  Here’s some pics of Alex getting a first look at it.  We had to frame it that Grandpa was an elf helper of Santa’s, but whatever works.

Later last night, we found that Alex had removed the ramps from his parking garage and repurposed them to get cars on and off the cargo boat.  Love it.

Anyhow, the parentals left this morning (cue sobbing and gnashing of teeth from me).  I am battling some kind of stomach yuckiness, so Matt and Alex graciously took them to the airport this morning.  I’m so sad that their time here is already over and that so much of it was filled with sick Goughs, but what a gift family are.  I seriously can’t even begin to fathom doing this parenting thing alone.  Matt and I already feel outnumbered!  Ha ha.  Now, onto getting us all well enough to attend the Christmas Eve service.  Health’s the only thing on “My Grown Up Christmas Wish”.  Thanks, Amy Grant.

4 thoughts on “Santa Pulled Through….

  1. Wow! I am quite impressed with the amazing handiwork as well! It’s no wonder where you get all your talents and skills, Christine! On a semi-different note, what book did you read/ use for the potty training? My step-grandson is in that process, and it’s going…just been going for awhile now… We’re all up for suggestions and advice from the “pros” !

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