Last week I droned on about Stuff.   After a trip out to Vallco Mall, I had a few more thoughts on the subject.

Monday night, thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Julian, Matt and I got to head out for a night in Sunnyvale Town.  Happy Hour at PF Changs (aka:  conversation and breathing were possible….no sweet youth offspring in our presence!).  Then on to Vallco Mall for “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” with youth group folksies.  Such a treat!  Although seriously, folks, the best scene of that movie was botched in my opinion.  I won’t try and fill Roger Ebert’s shoes, but geez.

Setting foot in a mall, the week of Christmas, shouldn’t be on ANYONE’S to do list.  Something has clicked for me recently about malls in general and why they make me shudder.   I think the pictures below will tell the story, but a few observations.  First off, Matt and I noticed that most stores were of the “temporary” variety.  Probably says something about the state of businesses these days.  Second, I seriously have to ask WHO in the world thought of and created business plans for 90% of these stores?!?  Enough said (see store names below for proof).  Finally, check out the really horribly taken/blurry pic that comes first….this store was closed, but notice the gentleman sleeping and reclining in an easy chair.  Just.  Plain.  Odd.

Elite Menswear…note the lovely green tie.

For all your Peruvian needs.

A general store for the local country music station…

As Matt liked to call this, the “bear pit”.  Seems like the lower floor of the mall just ceased to exist at some point.  So they’ve created these lovely arboreal areas.

Decorative “foliage”.

Oh, my.  I think this one takes the cake:  Armor Geddon??!

Not really sure what to make of this….

Gaming Legends….never let my kids in here.  No need to get them addicted to any other technological vices!

As a pastor’s wife, I should no doubt show a bit more restraint in posting such things as this, but hopefully you can take these pictures and my sentiments in good fun and enjoy a laugh.  Luckily, though, these stores did not provide the same temptation as the Renegade fair forcing me to blow my wad two times in a three day period…no worries, the food prices in the theater did that instead!





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