Holy Mayhem

As we sit around and enjoy Elf tonight

(and Alex keeps questioning when Daddy will be in the movie….)

I am so grateful for a full two days…



Alex got to enjoy Christmas in the Park with Kerry and Leila yesterday.

Received a video message from Santa (evidently Alex has been a tad bit naughty!)…

We all made it to the Christmas Eve service (Matt was an overachiever, getting to all THREE!).

Set out cookies & milk for Santa and carrots & candy canes for the reindeer…

Got up at the crack of dawn for present frenzy and seeing if Santa ate the treats…

Enjoying brunch (especially Kerry’s pecan sticky buns and mimosas!) and family, some NBA and Toy Story 3 viewing and present fun.

Such a great day.  I just kept breathing in the mayhem and smiling over the last 48 hours.  Sometimes mayhem is holy.


p.s.  My three new treats!

Turquoise Elephant Camera Strap from Emily Falconbridge’s Etsy Store

Fun “Through My Lens” Necklace from Lisa Leonard


and a fun new bendable tri-pod!

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