Waiting in Line

Doesn’t that face say it all??  Our dear friend Elena came for a visit on Monday.  You know someone’s a dear friend when they’ll drive an hour and a half each way to then pack up in the CRV with us–Matt, Alex, Drew, me and smelly-breath Sally–to go to the Children’s Discovery Museum.  True friendship or…insanity.

Anyhow, watching Alex at the Museum was so interesting.  He exhibits certain traits SO clearly (and stubbornly, and forcefully, and LOUDLY) at home, that I begin to feel like I can encapsulate who he is and predict his moods, moves, words and reactions.

Thus, it was so interesting to watch him wait in “line” at the museum.  It became one of those horrible parental moments. Watching your kid wait patiently in line, and then having multiple parents push their kids in front of him.  I snapped that picture of him during the whole incident.  He finally got his moment after we loudly praised him for waiting in line and that IT WAS HIS TURN NEXT.  But I still can’t get this face of his out of my mind.

But then there’s THESE faces…

Mr. Investigation

Mr. Short Order Wood Fire Oven Chef

(notice full sized green peppers, broccoli & mushrooms)

Ice Cream Joy

Shy Boy sporting Che Guevara

Now that’s more like it….

All in all, it was a day which reminded me that you never can fully figure out your kids.  It is impossible to predict their every move, whim, decision and personality trait.  Guess it’s these surprises that keep us alert, ready and on our toes.  And frankly, as challenging as his **moments** can be, I’m hoping that those same stubborn, independent, and opinionated traits will be going strong when he’s twenty.  Those parts of his disposition, matched with empathy and grace, will serve him well.

Thanks for sharing the day, Elena….

And just another reminder of where we live (check it out–3 languages)…LOVE the Bay Area’s diversity!!

One thought on “Waiting in Line

  1. What a face! That first one certainly does sum up the moment. How can a small three year old stand up to adults that seem to think their children (when hoisted) deserve to cut in line? Poor guy. It was a fabulous day, full of good laughs and lots of ya-ya’s!

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