They Wait

Tonight I received an email from my friend Liz about a horrendous situation happening for friends of she and her husband, Jim.

Here’s Liz’s email:
“PLEASE take a moment, if you would, to sign a petition to the US State Department asking that our friends, Joe and Sharon Vause (along with others in their position) would be granted a visa for the son, Shekhar, whom they adopted last August from Nepal. Sharon has been living with Shekhar in Nepal for the past 5 months waiting for his visa while her husband, Joe and daughter, Bridget wait for her return with their new son/brother. Many families are in the same position. Some are in Nepal and some await state-side to receive the green light to pick up the children they were matched with last summer. The US government wanted to be sure there was no fraud in any of the adoption cases and thus halted adoptions out of Nepal, even to those parents who had already adopted their kids and had them in their own custody. The DOS and USCIS have recently conceded that no fraud exists in these cases, now it’s time to get these visas pushed thru! With your help, perhaps this can happen before 2011!

These are dear friends and our hearts have been breaking for them. We are all desperate to have them home.

FYI, the petition link is at the top and the bottom of the “theywaitnepal” blog. You can look thru the page to see all of the beautiful children waiting to come home.

Liz Yeager

Here are the links:

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