I posted this pic of Alex this morning for my last December Photo Project image.  Half of the time there’s no way for me to get to my SLR camera in time to snap a shot, especially with an mood-changing 3 1/2 year old.  So, I’m glad I at least grabbed my cell phone and found it charged enough to get this image this morning.

We had the gift of a visit from our friends, the Elsdons, this morning.  Mark and Erica have been friends of mine for almost 15 years and man, time spent together with long-term friends who have really known you is beyond precious.  The kids managed to entertain themselves (aka:  completely demolish the house and take out every toy) and we had the chance to share about parenting, marriage and ministry together.  Mark & Erica, similar to our former post, work together, so there’s all SORTS of fun things to bond over with that topic.  Just for fun…note this picture, circa 1997 of Cherise, Doris, Lisa, Me and Erica. 

Here’s two from the kids today…

In honor of the girls’ arrival, Alex, insisted on dressing himself (not unusual), but also insisted on wearing the outfit pictured at the top of this post (VERY unusual).  My mom gave him this shirt over a year ago and I have had high hopes of getting him into it for months.  As mentioned previously, getting Alex into a button up shirt is a feat only attempted by…..well……no one.  It just isn’t worth the battle, frankly.  He got it out and insisted that the girls would “LOVE this shirt!!!”.  Obviously I agreed, but attempted to remain nonchalant about the whole thing.

Of course, he spilled water on it almost immediately after their arrival, thus why he’s wearing my LEAST favorite, paint peeling Manny shirt in the pics above.

But….the point is this…..I love this picture because he paired his old standby favorite pants (COZY pants, obviously) with a new, yet untried shirt.  For me, it was a little metaphor for this precipe of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  2010 to 2011.

In a silly way, it’s going to be my visual reminder as I think through what WAS 2010 and what I HOPE for in 2011.

Tsh Oxenreider has a wonderful blog called Simple Mom and today’s post gives a fabulous set of questions to reflect on 2010.  Figure it’s a perfect night to print it out and think through what was in 2010 and tomorrow she posts questions for 2011.  Enjoy!


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