I love candles.  Matt has purchased some of those electric, much-safer-with-young-curious-roaming-children candles for me, but I still can’t say no when passing the candle aisle at IKEA.  Especially when they’re having their sale.  It was five dollars well spent on these two blue babies.  They smell so good and burn forever.

I’ve been thinking a lot about **LIGHT** the last few weeks.  Everytime I’d turn the bend onto our street, Vine Avenue, I couldn’t help but smile as the entire block was lit up in Christmas lights and decorations.  In the midst of the darkest season of the year, waiting for the solstice, it is so appropriate that we adorn our yards and homes with the warm lights of the holidays (unless you insist, like my husband, on using those LED lights….ugh.  Environmentally, a better choice, but I hate that cold, blueish light.  Sorry, soap box over.).

Alex helped me take down and organize the ornaments last week and it’s so weird to me what  a hole and void is left after the decorations are taken down.  As empty as it can seem, there is also a feeling of openness and possibility.  So, purchasing these candles felt like an inexpensive way to add a little warmth and light as we creep into January.  {sidenote to my East Coast friends:  I know I have no clue about darkness, horrendous weather and winter.  I know I live in California.  And yes, I know I live in SUNNYvale.  It’s not THAT bad.  I know.}

I love the possibility of the New Year.  The unknowns.  The opportunities which aren’t even a thought in our minds yet.  The chances to change and grow and set goals.  I love the new organizational tools and calendars!   Ahhh…..type A folks, unite!

Here’s Alex, this morning, squealing as he notices that Matt and I changed up the calendars for 2011!

And I think this next year, I will be focusing on the word *LIGHT* as I move forward and seek to “charge the dark” into the unknowns, opportunities, changes, and possibilities of 2011.   These words come to mind:

“This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you:

God is light;

in him there is no darkness at all.”

~ 1 John 1:5

I wish I could live into this scripture in a new way.   How crazy would it be if someone could say, “Christine is light; in {her} there is no darkness at all.” ?  Hahaha….no way.  Not gonna happen.  But, something to live into for sure.

As you enter into 2011, I hope you’ll think about the impact of light as well.  It can be as simple as physical light and warmth and hospitality (my husband helped make this reality come to pass in our house this week, replacing the dim, depressing lighting in the kitchen for me….have I mentioned lately how much I love him?!?).  I can actually SEE to cook now!

It could be embodying light within my marriage, my parenting {oh, so hard at points!}, with my friendships, my decisions, my time.  So, when I forget this and don’t choose light, feel free to remind me of my intent.  May we choose to be light to each other, pushing out the darkness.  Charging the darkness.  A challenge, and yet such an opportunity.

5 thoughts on “Light

  1. I love that you have chosen light as your focus for the new year. I too have been looking to one word to take me into the new year, and light was on the list. I like it, and will hold you accountable. Of course, that will be difficult, because for me your are a light~ love you.

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