Sundays are always a little hairy in the Gough household.  With Matt re-entering the church world again as a pastor, and needing to be at church at or prior to 7:00 AM (yes, you read that right…..SEVEN IN THE MORNING!!!) for the first service, it’s a bit of a marathon.  Seriously makes me appreciate all that single parents must go through.  Oh.  My.

Usually, I plop Alex in front of a video so that I can get a shower in and feed Drew, make breakfast, etc.  Today, I decided I’d try to do it without the video.  It had been a mellow morning (by 2 mos and 3.5 year old standards).

Drew was happy….

I had lit the candles in holders Alex and I made yesterday….

Checked on the journal I’d made to see if the Mod Podge had dried….

(I made the journal in response to the post I wrote yesterday about LIGHT and the new year)

And when all seemed {CALM}, I made a bee-line to the shower.

A little bit later, while making the coffee, I noticed this…..

and then my eyes traveled up to the shelf above and I saw this….

Oh my goodness.  I looked at Alex in horror and with every ounce of calm (which isn’t much), I asked him what happened.  He assured me that he only took *this much*, showing me some “Alex Standard of Measurement” with his fingers.  He was sent to his room.  After some crying and time alone, we talked about this whole thing.

But, woe.  What a reminder.  I thought these were out of reach and hidden.  Guess not.  For you parents out there, let my mistake serve as a reminder for you to be a bit more hypervigilant with medicine and chemicals.  Horrid Mom Scenario Take 28391720.

On a hopefully more UPBEAT note, I’m going to challenge myself in my writing this month by participating in the January 2011 Reflections opportunity that Corrin is starting at The Glorious Impossible.  It is a writing project to encourage bloggers as they look ahead to 2011. My favorite part about January Reflections is its writing prompts–they are great inspiration. Go check out the project!  Tomorrow, as we hit our seventh anniversary, I’m thinking it would make sense to focus on her prompt idea about marriage.  I’ll be ruminating on that and share some profound thoughts tomorrow…ha ha.

2 thoughts on “Oops….

  1. My parents told me that I had downed almost an entire bottle of children’s cherry tylenol when I was 3. I actually a vague memory of doing that – I thought it was like juice. I don’t think I had to go to the hospital or anything!

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