4 by 12

I have been enjoying following a few folks on their attempts to capture their families in a *portrait* one time each month.  Tara Whitney originally posted about this project,  “Six People Twelve Times”, last February.  I never end up in family pictures, mostly because I am always the one grabbing the camera and/or annoyed at how I look when I manage to get photographed.  So, signing on to do this is a leap of faith and challenge for me, an {opportunity} to let go of my need for perfection and focus on the goal, capturing glimpses of our family for the next twelve months.

Accompanying each month’s photo will also be a few notes on the family and what’s going on that month.  Some folks end up compiling a book after the year’s over.  That won’t be happening for me, but I love the goal of having twelve photos that embody the changes that will no doubt occur this year.  Drew will go from 3 months – 15 months for heaven’s sake!  Look at the difference in that time frame for Alex…

So, here’s the first installment!


As for the family,

Drew is:

~finding his hands


~”talking” and cooing

~grabbing toy on his playmat

~trying to survive the onslaught of his *loving* brother



~starts going to The Music School this month each Thursday from 9:30-11am

~loves building castles from blocks & parking garages

~asks tons of questions about life that stump us

~trying to figure out the complicated skills of bike riding (with training wheels) & basketball hoop shooting

~loves playing school, forcing us to come to circle time (even Sally’s not exempt!)



~is settling into his new Associate Pastor position at Sunnyvale Presbyterian

~working on his “honey do” list that I’m constantly adding to

~enjoys his new Kindle

~heading out on a session retreat this month and a junior high ski trip

~is preparing to “be installed” as the Associate Pastor at Sunnyvale on January 9th and will preach on the 30th



~the continually evolving process of navigating stay-at-home-mom land

~grocery shopping, dish washer loading and unloading, cooking, cleaning (and then repeat, repeat, repeat)

~hoping to get going on my running goal to be ready for March’s 5K

~trying to get the hang of the new sewing machine


and Sally….

~trying to stay out of the way of two boys and two crazed parents

~lots of sleeping & resting

~maybe a once/week walk (poor sallster)

~lots of snuggling and cuddling

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