Matt’s getting {INSTALLED} this Sunday!  Nope, it’s not like the dishwasher’s of yore…but a fun, fancy word that the Presbyterian Church cooked up long ago.  One of the coolest things about the Presbyterian Church job search process (which is usually referred to as the “call process”) is that there’s a lot of steps.  Sometimes these steps can feel long, laborious, annoying, never-ending, and fog-filled.  But, I’m a firm believer in the process nonetheless.

This Sunday’s service will be the culmination of Matt’s call to be an Associate Pastor Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church.  The Presbytery of San Jose does the service of installation, separate from a normal worship service at the church.  Ministers and elders participate in the service and it is an exciting conclusion to the long process.

<<I DARE you to click on that last word…process…and check out one example of a flow chart.

It’s seriously out-of-control.>>


I believe in the process so much, though, because we would have never, even 6 months ago, expected to be where we are.  Sometimes in life, and especially in the job world, pastoring or otherwise, we have a vision for what is to be, what our trajectory will look like.  I’m a fan of list making, goal setting, and planning.  But oftentimes we are so hell bent on figuring it out ourselves that the Spirit isn’t given much space, room or time to speak.  Arriving at Sunnyvale Presbyterian is really Matt’s story to tell.  This call has been an immense surprise and blessing to us in so many ways.  It meant a bittersweet departure from working at Westminster Woods, but we have really felt God’s hand in this process.  When you find yourself saying that you’ll quit your jobs and move three weeks after having a baby, it seriously must be the hand of God.  That or pure and utter insanity.

So as we look towards Sunday, we are excited to enter into this last celebratory step.  In official terms, this installation service confirms the relationship between Matt and the Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church congregation. In relational terms, it is the confirmation of  a long series of interviews, conversations, prayers and affirmations.  Yippee!!

The Rev. Tim Shaw, Matt’s youth pastor, will be preaching. It’s a service that is open to all, January 9th at 1pm at SVPC.  There is no childcare, but kids are welcome in the service (cue the Gough children to be running amok and crying please).  Hope to see you there, and no need to tip the delivery guy, no dishwashers will be left in the sanctuary.

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