“Justice at its best

is love correcting everything

that stands against love.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

This time of year I get very nostalgic {even more so than usual!} for Room 18 at Marin School.  I loved coming back from winter vacation, knowing that a special homework packet was about to hit the kids’ desks.  In 4th grade at Marin, students were asked to memorize and present poems on various topics each Friday.  This routine and practice was a highlight of my teaching week.  We’d clean up from Math Stations and restore the room to order and support each other in the anxiety producing poetry presentations.  In honor of MLK’s birthday, we would have an entire homework packet that spanned two weeks and focused on his speech.  Students memorized a huge chunk for the Friday poetry presentation, took a vocabulary test on tricky words so that they actually KNEW the meaning of what they were memorizing, and did a story board creatively illustrating portions of the speech that “spoke” to them.

As many times as I’ve heard kids reciting the speech, it doesn’t grow old.  Martin Luther King encapsulated so many truths that are foundational to how we should be operating as individuals and as a society. It’s my opinion that approaching this day off, we should take 17 minutes and remember why we YOU get to sleep in (who am I kidding…we have a toddler and infant).  Listening to MLK share his heart is powerful.

May his words motivate us to action and may that action be rooted in love.

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