Movie Night

I love Tara Whitney’s photography and her blog and when I saw this quote and photo during a middle of the night feeding with Drew this week, I snatched it up.  {If you didn’t catch it yet, I follow WAY to many blogs and find it perfect timing to save them up and read them in the night when I’m up.  Makes the time pass a little more quickly!!}

I have been hoping to institute Gough Movie Night on Fridays and tonight….the inaugural movie night has begun.  Let me set the scene…..

The movies were chosen by Alex….(Diego and Dora)

Alex had some popcorn and watched….

I nursed Drew and put him to bed (won’t show you a visual of that!).  And Matt was trying to get the car packed in preparation for his EARLY departure for the junior high ski trip that leaves tomorrow morning.

So, it’s not the ideal, pie in the sky, movie night I’ve envisioned, but as the quote said up above you’ve got to try something new to get something you haven’t had before.

And frankly, with this weather forecast IN JANUARY, I can sit through ANYTHING (even Dora and Diego!).  Happy Weekend!

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