You Can Tell You’re a Parent When….

…you open your laptop and have a package of abandoned first aid cream smashed between the screen and the keys.

…you end up with an IKEA play mat rug in your kitchen, and you realize you kind of like it—–seems to bring out the colors of the curtains!

…you find an old bowl of ice cream, blackberries, blueberries and gummy bears on top of the refrigerator (hidden there over 24 hours ago and forgotten).

…you would rather eat really late in the evening (even though the food’s cold) to be allow for sitting down, drinking a leisurely glass of wine, and having the option to actually speak to your spouse over the meal.

…you feel like an Oscar winner when you pump out over 9 oz. of milk….YEAH, baby!!!

…you spend the afternoon in Urgent Care and OF COURSE, swing into Baskin Robbins on the way home.

Yes, all these things happened to us today.  Well, except for the Urgent Care and Baskin Robbins part.  That was yesterday.  Does it count if it FEELS like it all happened today?!?!  Oh, my gosh.  It was actually TWO days ago now.  Oh, well.  Maybe I am the one with a head injury?

Just to recount a bit of the park experience….we headed for De Anza Park on Tuesday afternoon to meet up with friends from church/preschool.  Everything was going fabulously—

Until I heard a scream, looked to find Alex, and realized that that was MY kid….the screaming one, who looked like someone had thrown a bucket of red paint on his face.  Of course, I had Drew attached to me in the Babybjörn, Sally’s leash was wrapped around the empty stroller and yet, we all went running.

If you ask Alex what happened, you’ll get something about a teeter totter, decorations, blood, BIG CUT and owwie.  Guess he slipped trying to put his food on the teeter totter??  Who knows, but this is what it looked like–

Luckily we were close to the church, so I called Matt and had him come meet us.  My friend Colleen (clearly the calm, cool and collected one of the two of us!) took care of cleaning off the blood and holding an ice pack on him until I could get all of our stuff into the car.

Matt took Alex to Urgent Care where he got eight stitches and played doctor…

When he came home, I was bracing myself for a “shadow of my rambunctious, energetic son….”   Well, no.  I should have known better….

“MOMMY!!  I had fun at the doctors!”  He had stickers plastered to his front and was beaming….(notice the gummy bears in hand??)

So, we’re guessing with two boys we’ll soon be on a first name basis with Mountain View Urgent Care, but we are so grateful for their love and care.  (Maybe we’ll change our tune when we get the bill…..”No allowance for weeks, Alex!”)

Alex has announced multiple times that “We’re NOT going back to that PIRATE PARK ever again!!!”, but we’ll see…..

For now, Drew is Mr. Deer in the Headlights….

trying to use all his body strength to keep up.

(does it get any better than farm animal pants, those cute baby rear ends,

their sweet/soft neck and monk-like hair sticking up????)



Start praying that we survive once they’re BOTH mobile.

I heart boys.

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