Lifelong Friendship?

We have had some busy days lately, but in the midst of it all, I have been trying to soak in some good connecting time with the boys, catching glimpses of the relationship they will hopefully have in the future.  I love the opportunities I get to watch their personalities come out individually and together.  I pray daily that they will truly be friends and have a special bond.  As an only child myself, I often wished for that special relationship, and hope that they will enjoy something unique and special.

What I am seeing is a propensity to goofing off.  Big surprise.  But, I did two double takes (yes, that’s possible) when I heard the first guttural, chortlesque laugh coming from Drew today.  Totally watching his brother’s antics and laughing.  How is that possible at 3.5 months???  Well, it’s possible evidently.  The pics below aren’t anything to send in to National Geographic, but they’re fun “day in the life” pics.

  • Alex playing doctor and haircut stylist with each of us….
  • Drew getting a band-aid (sticker) placed on his forehead for optimal healing
  • Various Drew stretching maneuvers (he’d be the star of any pilates class)
  • Alex sporting his new swimsuit (little does he know that Mom, Dad and Drew are heading out to Maui later this week and he’s staying HOME with Grandma LeiLei and Macho Pop…..we are so mean)

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