I seriously don’t get it.

Drew woke up at 10:38pm to feed.

Then he woke up again at 2:38am.

“Yes, Mom, I’m just that good…..”


And then….wait for it…..6:38am.

“Tisk, tisk, MOM!  You should trust my natural skills and talents!”

Did you catch that…..exactly 4 hours apart each time and at the same MINUTE.  Seems like you could chalk it up to coincidence, but I’ve had nights like this with him before.  A little Divine timing, I think.

And then, there’s the timing of the “green light”.  Thanks to our friends, the Hitch-Moores, we were introduced to the OK to Wake Children’s Alarm Clock and Night Light….

If you have a toddler and are tired {literally and figuratively!}, this is a must buy.  You, as the desperate adult in need of a full night of sleep responsible adult get to program the clock with the specified wake up time and the the clock glows green at the appointed time.

So when Alex doesn’t have *divine timing* internally, we can force it manually/parentally!

And when he sleeps well {THANK YOU, JESUS for a good night last night!}, then I just can’t lap up enough of this morning time.  I adore grandpa pjs, early morning hair and conversations with this boy.  Today he has sharing at school and is proudly taking his cargo boat (see earlier story here for the explanation) and accompanying Richard Scarry book.

The classic….”ENOUGH with the camera, MOMMY!”

Practicing sharing with Sally


So, happy Monday and last day of January (WHAT??  How did that happen?).  And here’s a chuckle for you.  Yesterday, I captured these as Alex was getting ready for church.  He said he wanted to be sure he’d be warm for church.  Maybe clothes would have been a plus???

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