Pizza Love


We had one of **THOSE** nights on Tuesday.  We’d been on vacation, needed to do a big grocery run, and decided to make do with what the fridge held.

So, making pizza from Trader Joes premade dough, pizza sauce, & grated cheese scratch it was.  We did manage to cut up some peppers, green onions and prepared some bacon…and wool-ah!  Dinner….

Even just 6 months ago, making pizza with Alex was a weekly experience, but having another bunny in the mix {yes, I’m talking about you, Drew Drew}, makes it a little trickier.  Nonfailingly, 4:30pm starts “happy hour” fun.  The time of cleaning up toys, baby crying, toddler hyper running around and general mayhem.  As calm, planned, prepared and orderly as I try to be, there are just nights that feel like those plans are spinning quickly out of control.  Luckily, Matt walked in the door and held Drew so that I could at least keep 90% of the sauce on the dough and most of the peppers cut without injury.  It’s crazy cooking with a 3 1/2 year old, but worth it.

Bon Appetit….and don’t mind me if I need to wipe my brow and drink a glass of ice water before dishing up!

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