Four Months

One of my favorite blogs to read, Made by Rae, will be starting a two week “Celebrate the Boy” focus.  She posts wonderful sewing projects on a regular basis (which I hope to try out if I can ever find a moment to crack open my new sewing machine!!).  Realizing the great void of good boy clothes out there, the next few weeks will focus only on fun boy projects.  I love it!

Which brings me to my point today….I seriously love boys.  If it had been up to me originally; if I’d been able to control my “fate”, I would have planned on having girls.  Thank goodness I was/am NOT in charge because I am convinced that God had a much better idea and plan for me, knowing I was wired to mother boys.

Yes, there is a WHOLE LOTTA EN-ER-GEEEEEEE going around the Gough household, but it is such a joy.  And seriously….no My Little Ponies, Polly Pockets or dolls to contend with.  I’m ok admitting that.  Judge me if you will.

Today Drew turns 4 months old and all three of us are going through some serious infatuation with this little guy.  4 months is such a sweet stage, between the cooing and talking, interest in hands and simple toys, adoration of faces, and inquisitiveness, it’s just awesome.  Teething is the drawback, and as you’ll see from the pics below, it’s an issue for our poor guy these days, but seriously….there’s a whole lotta  “celebrating the boy(s)” going on around here.  Even in the midst of time outs, holding firm to boundaries and being pooped at the end of the day {and in the middle of the night!!}.  Happy 4 months, Drewske!  We love you!!

4 thoughts on “Four Months

  1. Great photos. But I must defend toddler tea parties. Pretty fun stuff.
    Another new (again) mom with an unopened new sewing machine in her house. Someday….

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