On Valentine’s Eve, I was thinking a bit about this Hallmark-ized holiday. I longed to celebrate the 14th with someone special every year, but it wasn’t until I was 29, months away from 30 and married that I finally experienced the holiday as a “two-some”.   And seriously, I love Matt, but the hype of the holiday is pretty much that, hype.  In an ideal world, wouldn’t we be seeking to show this love everyday?

And as each year of our marriage has gone by, I’m reminded that “Love is not passion.  It is the pulse of sacrifice.” (Ann Voskamp) That pitter pat and butterfly goodness is so awesome and I’m all about it.  BUT, it’s sacrifice, long suffering, and commitment that truly measure love. Chocolates, Safeway-bought roses, Spiderman rip apart Valentine cards and glitter adorned hearts deep down, are empty.

Love lays down its own wants to lift up the will of another.

Lays down plans.  Lays down agendas.  Lays down self.   ~Ann Voskamp

It just seems so insane to think of the way kids view love and Valentine’s Day vs. how our understanding changes over time.  Alex is all about the cookies….. “just ONE more….c’mon…..”  (YES, he asked that after I’d just made him raise his right hand, repeat after me and promise to never eat cookies again.)

For preschoolers, and kids in general, it’s enough to keep them up like Christmas Eve.  Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day!!!  Love is seen so differently.  Maybe not any less deep and dependent as it is for adults, just a different kind of depth.

So, we broke out the sugar cookie dough, sprinkles, frosting and food coloring to make a few edible hearts-o-love.   If you look closely, you’ll see that Alex insisted on decorating a few hearts with leftover Halloween bat sprinkles.  Maybe he’s trying to show some love to those less-loved animals….

And as the perfect *ending* to this post….I’m watching the Grammy’s and Katy Perry just performed “Teenage Dream“.  If you can’t beat ’em, join them.  So as Katy says, “Now every February, you’ll be my valentine.”  Yes, every February and the other 364 days too.  “Hugs to EVERYONE!”

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