I love this verse.  We used it in our wedding service, as did our friends Dan and Jessica, and most recently, Doris and Todd.  It’s a passage that has always been one close to my heart, and in my opinion, one that is perfect for a wedding.  It speaks to a deeper level of love.  A reminder that challenges are a given, and that God knows us intimately enough to call us by name and walk through those seasons with us.

Lately I feel like so many of my friends are facing circumstances and situations that require patience, endurance, unknowns and long suffering.  When I think about the silly things that are on my mind these days, I’m pretty humbled by their faith and responses.  You know, just….EVACUATING FROM EGYPT WITH TWO YOUNG CHILDREN WITHOUT YOUR SPOUSE….woe.

Needless to say, I made this little verse / artsy piece and secured it to a coffee can with modge podge for Matt’s Valentine’s gift last week.  Just call me ROMANTIC.  Ha ha.  For me, though, just making it and spending some time reflecting on this verse’s implications were really important.  I’m hoping that they’ll be a visual reminder for both of us.

I’m trying to remember that some.  things.  just.  take.  patience…… lots. of. patience.

Patience with my little “stud muffin” as he tries to communicate without words.


Patience with Alex who insists on getting out alllllllll of Drew’s toys and turning it into circle time….

Or piling the toys ON TOP OF Drew…


But then there are these moments….

and these….

(Matt and Alex before there 5:15am departure for skiing today with the senior highers)


and I’m reminded that really partaking in each and every moment allows me to see the joy where I might have only seen complaints and roadblocks previously.


Remind me of that at 11:30pm, 2:30am and 5am when I’m up nursing, head nodding in the rocker.


Or breaking my favorite mug….


My prayer will remain….”patient endurance, dear Lord.  Patient endurance.”


{as I type this, Matt and Alex are beginning hour SIXTEEN of being on the road to and from skiing….

does that not DEFINE patience??}



One thought on “Patience

  1. Patience is something that as a teenager I prayed for…..I believe God has answered that prayer….endurance is something that I continue to pray for daily! Something that comes with age. Endurance seems to be the harder of the two for me, and one that I constantly lean on God for….as there are times when I get so tired that I believe I just can’t go on……it’s impressive when He pushes us, and we look back at the wake of our life to see what we have endured thru~

    Love you Christine~ thank you for the reminder~

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