Wisdom & Food for Thought

This hilarious and adorable print is from Jami Nato’s blog and cracks me up.  My sentiments exactly….”in the morning, in the evening and at noon.”  ANYTIME is blog reading time!  I am finding that it’s the best way to get through middle of the night nursing sessions.  I stay awake and get inspired.  I know I should say that I love to gaze into Drew’s ever adoring eyes while he’s getting his fill, but at 2am, that’s just not realistic.

And today, as I was nursing, during the few moments we weren’t engaging in Craigslist mayhem {sold 2 couches, bought 2, sold a dog crate and are trying to sell and mirror and coffee table}, I was inspired again and again and had to share.

First off, is Julie’s blog, Vida Y Viajes.  Julie’s one of our dear, former summer staffers…here’s a visual:

This lovely outfit, worn during an Eccentricstan event at camp, shows her true willingness to put herself “out there” and be bold, daring, and a bit silly and crazy.  Currently, Julie is on a trip in South America, and I love this post, “Ups and Downs“.  It’s a reminder that sometimes, taking the unexpected, slower-paced plan is just what we need vs. our constant bend towards busyness.

This next one is part of Made by Rae’s blog and this month’s “Celebrate the Boy 2011” posts, by guest blogger, Marigold.  She has so many great ideas, and I’m hoping to get my mom to help me make these when she arrives on Wednesday {hint, hint, Mom!}.

This one is from Dana at the Long Thread….fun for those tooth fairy moments.

Amanda Soule’s blog is so inspiring.  I know many of you have already happened onto her great ideas and inspiration, but this post reminded me to be thankful for the now….even with Spring on the horizon…..when we want to push things to happen NOW.  To settle into the now that IS and see the good in it.

I love Ashley Ann’s photography, creativity (she’s the one who brought the inspiration for Alex’s valentine cards this year), and humor.  I am SUCH a complainer.  I wish my first instinct was to see the positive.   This post reminded me of the need to see circumstances from a different perspective, one of gratitude.

Here’s an excerpt:

There are so many little things every day that I am quick to be negative about or think that I wish they weren’t part of my life. When I first think about it, it sounds wonderful not to step on Legos or have so much laundry. The idea of reading books at night that don’t involve battles or dinosaurs wearing underwear sounds so appealing. Not sweeping my floor 6 times a day and picking up toys strewn about the entire house sounds like a breath of fresh air.

But, it wouldn’t be. If I didn’t step on Legos or wash so much laundry…if I didn’t find army men hiding on the mantle and dirty shoes dropped off in the living room….if I didn’t deal with tantrums and Star Wars….it would mean 4 little people were not in my life. The mere thought of life without them is too much to ponder.


My friend Eliz {check out her great blog, “It’s Eliz!“}, led me to Kristen’s blog, “Rage Against the Minivan”.  If you haven’t read her blog yet, be sure to check out the video about their adoption story.  Woe.  Only one word.  Woe.  She was even on the Today Show a few weeks ago.  Anyhow, in this post, Kristen focuses on finding your “thing” after having kids.  Prior to adding the lovelies to our life, there were certainly lots of different things that Matt and I did, more adventures, less planning and money shelled out to sitters.  So Kristen’s question is what do NOW.  Just to see things in a new light.  Plus her pictures of the roller skater is priceless.

There are so many many more, but I’ll leave you with those for now.  As for me, it’s time to meet the lady at the door coming to get our “well loved” coffee table (aka:  WORN, SCRATCHED and STAINED) and try to find some food in the fridge for dinner!  Happy President’s Day!

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