We have had a fabulous 5 days with my parents….

  • Celebrated my Dad’s 72nd birthday
  • Enjoyed a night out in San Francisco at the Josh Ritter concert at the Fillmore and dinner at B Star Bar with dear friends, Matt & Amanda Silas
  • Mom, Drew & I spent a day at St Francis Retreat Center in San Juan Bautista with the Sunnyvale Presbyterian women at the Women’s Retreat
  • Drew’s baptism
  • Countless hours of block building, imaginative play, story reading, In-&-Out burger eating, Drew soothing

It has just been sooooooooooooo lovely to have help with the kids, company and grandparent love.  Sunday was the perfect overdose of family and friend’s love for Drew’s baptism.  I’m trying to savor this all and soak up the goodness.  I don’t take this week with my parents lightly and will savor the next day and a half before their departure.  I mean who else would let a 3.75 year old order them around and force them to drive him around in a Radio Flyer wagon?!?

I will be back to posting a little more regularly soon, but for now….enjoying one more full day of grandparent fun!

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