I love this man.  I think my husband would agree….Mr. Josh Ritter is just beyond fabulous.

I took a risk and bought two tickets for this concert back in November, hoping we could find childcare and that the stars would align for us to go.  And unbeknown to us, our friends Matt & Amanda Silas had gotten tickets too.  Can we say, “YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Good friends.  A night out without the chitlins.  A leisurely dinner.  Great music.

Even though February 25th dawned with a major head cold taking the upper hand, I was determined to enjoy the night, no matter what….you can almost SEE my bloated sinuses in this pic!

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together at B Star Bar in the city….how could we go wrong with:

  • Spicy Tuna Ceviche (pepper crusted tuna tataki with jalapeño, avocado and wakame)
  • Portabello Veggie Fresh Spring Rolls (tofu, basil, mint, cucumber, carrot, sprouts, peanut sauce)
  • Taco Duo with fresh mango, onions, radish, avacado, ginger, pork belly
  • Salt and Pepper Fries with curry aioli
  • Matt had Ochazuke (Japanese style comfort food. grilled salmon, pan fried rice, green tea broth, poached egg)
  • Amanda and I split the Miso Cod on Garlic Noodles (arugula, cucumbers, shiitake and oyster mushrooms and asparagus, chili oil) and Coconut Rice
  • And Matt S had the Lamb Curry (organic lamb braised until tender with coconut rice and a pickled mango slaw)
  • Plus Blood Orange mimosas and another fun tropical drink to share
  • We split dessert four ways….YUM!!!!  (Warm Chocolate Cake with Ginger Ice Creamhomemade Guitard chocolate cake with ginger ice cream, topped with strawberries)


Clearly……we starved.


I just chalk it up to a night with good friends, rare non-kid time and free babysitting (thanks to my parents!!!).  Here’s some pics of the crazies….


Just blame it on Dietrich Bonhoeffer….

“[In] the whole of world history there is always only one really significant hour — the present…”


Let me get back to Mr. Ritter, though.  Josh Ritter to be exact.  There’s a few folks whose music taste I stalk, trying to keep myself somewhat relevant.  And Robby Crowe is definitely one of those friends.  Last May, we were staying with the Crowes in Charlotte prior to our week at Montreat Center for a conference.  NPR was previewing Josh Ritter’s new album ahead of its actual release.  It only took moments of hearing him that day to know I’d love his music and be buying an album!

But what we experienced on Friday at the concert was so much more than a concert….and to me, and my elementary musical awareness, it seemed like Josh was the responsible party.  Basically, here’s the algorithm:

Josh Ritter = Effervescence

Just look at that picture at the beginning of this post.  He was so genuine.  He was joy-ful and joy-filled.  He was clearly having a BLAST.  It wasn’t a question.  He loves his life-work.  Take a little look at this to see for yourself.

And it was palatable how much his mood and spirit lifted the vibe at the Fillmore.  His decision to ooze this joy made all the difference.  And I said “his decision” on purpose, because even though it seemed to naturally be part of him, I have to believe that there’s got to be days when joy and effervescence isn’t his natural bend.  But as Bonhoeffer stated, it’s all about the present.  The here and now.

So, thank you, Josh for a great night.  For giving of yourself, for perfecting your craft, and inviting us in to partner in the creative process.  It was a night to remember!

{We even got to slow dance like junior highers, arms locked, swaying back and forth….that was  a hilarious moment!!!!  Josh wanted to create one of the biggest, most awkward, slow dance group moments.}

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