Feeling like I can’t get my head defogged enough to actually write coherently these days.  Folks seem to keep dropping the “six months” mark as the time when I’ll miraculously start feeling “normal” again.  When I’ll start sleeping again.  When I’ll be able to finish thoughts and sentences again.  When I might sleep longer than 2 hour sessions again.  Everything has been compounded by an almost 4 year old who isn’t too into sleeping through the night without some horrendous night terror/dream/freak out over shadows.  But coffee and humor and keeping the days busy {when it’s not POURING outside!!!!!!} has been helpful to keep my mind off my narcolepsy.

We’ve been doing a whole lot with blocks…..

(who knew Disneyland could fit in our living room…}


Loud singing into the reverberating microphone…

(Alex sang “Father Abraham Had Seven Sons” about 30 times, full screaming volume tonight, while running in circles around our house.  SO calming.  Thank you Myrna and Gayle for this lovely microphone gift….).


Making pizzas (doing all toppings without Mom’s help!).

(Alex seriously looks so old in this pic–and yes, he’s on a stool.  He’s got those tall Gough genes, but not THAT tall, folks.)


First stroller ride without the infant car seat {cue:  tears}.


First food…apples!

Didn’t go so well….

Alex tasting for quality control.

There must be something about baby food and boys, because Matt even got on the bandwagon this week.

(Watch the whole thing, or start at 2 min., 22 sec for a good laugh or 3 min, 20 sec for Matt and the carrots….)


First beer….. (don’t worry, it was EMPTY……)

Just to remind him when he’s 16 how YUCKY beer is.


We did this with Alex too and now he calls it “Daddy’s Yucky Beer…”

(both pics from Cape Cod in August of 2007….”Auntie” Katie’s bad influence.)


As always, life involves keeping a “certain someone” in a POSITIVE, HAPPY MOOD.


While “others” tend to be happier….

(but how bad can pooping, sleeping, eating, being held & tended to and lying around be????)


No depth and big thoughts in this post.  Just a whole lotta everyday goodness, despite the mental and literal fog.  Happy Spring!

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