I’m a sucker for the baby hand and footprint impressions.   So, thanks to a Christmas gift certificate, we squeezed in a visit to one of my favorite East Bay spots, Brushstrokes, on Saturday.  We did Alex’s imprints when he was about 5 months, so I was hoping to squeeze in Drew’s before he turned 6 months.  Matt rolls his eyes at my almost insane need to do these imprints, but I know the boys and Matt will be gushing their gratitude in 15 years for my insistence.

For me, despite the almost abusive nature of forcing your infant to make an impression in clay, the opportunity to freeze that sweet foot and tiny hand in time is so special.  As Drew is hitting the six month mark today, I’m trying my best to savor these milestones.  Unlike with the first child, I’m finding it hard to record it all in Drew’s baby book.  In fact, there’s NOTHING in the book….YET.  It’ll happen.  Hopefully before he gets married some day.  But, recorded or not, I’m savoring the squeals, shaky legs trying to stand, face-filling smiles, deep interest & “work” in the exersaucer, focus & delight with picture books, first feeble attempts at eating some solid food, and the fact that we’re working towards 10 hours of sleep {without feedings!}  during the night.

It’s slipping by so quickly and without stopping, taking note of the milestones, it can go unnoticed.  Trying to take the time to remember.

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