Novel Reading

I love to have a few books going at all times.   I’m a library fiend.  There’s just something about the hardbacks with that slick covering and the “library smell” that just gets me.  As you can see, I like a good dose of parenting, psychology, theology, cooking and organizing/home & garden.  This picture doesn’t have everything I’m into and recommending these days {let’s be honest….Real Simple, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, People….aka the “guilty pleasures” genre} , but a few that are on my shelf at this point in time…

Currently I’m working my way through The Three Weissmanns of Westport by Cathleen Schine.  The book jacket says that the novel “is a playful, devoted, loose-jointed homage to Jane Austen’s beloved Sense & Sensibility” so that gives you a “sense” of it if you’re an Austen fan.  Anyhow, Miranda, one of the main characters, reflects:

“No wonder people had children, she thought.  A child replaced art and work and culture.  A child, so small, so loud, took up all the time, all the energy, all the love.  It was so easy:  just give in, just let your life be ruled by this simple and tender embodiment of need.  No choices, no decisions except those that related to one person, one little demanding Napoleonic person….being with Henry was so clear-cut, so obvious, so essential, so undeniable and absolute.”

This philosophy isn’t fail-proof or exactly my belief, but the there are parts of what she’s saying that are true.  Life changes so radically once children are in the picture.  And even when it’s hard, it is still so good.  (especially when you stand firm and DON’T let the “little demanding Napoleonic person” be in charge!  ha ha)

Our week has been filled with brotherly antics, a field trip to a local farm, Full Circle Farm, and just everyday, basic things.  But even in the “mundane” moments, there are two small, loud, energy zapping, love-oozing bunnies filling up our days.  And when we stop to take notice, and accept the blessing, life is full.

making Drew laugh with Alex antics

I would always yell at my students about sharing their glasses with one another.

So, I should be slapped on the wrist for allowing this, but geez….so seriously funny.

Alex has seriously taken on the title of “Most Successful Drew Feeder”.  He’s got some skillz….

Field trip on Wednesday to Full Circle Farm.  Trying to blackmail our kids to show them some love in middle school.

Alex ate his weight in broccoli (& kale) that day…

Alex’s beyond amazing teachers, Anitha, Debbie & Jeeti


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