I have a secret love affair with green….

Well, maybe it’s not so secret…

My favorite skirt (the “comfy skirt” in green tea from Texture Clothing in Bellingham….LOVE THIS SKIRT….I now have three!).  This was on the day I ended up going into labor.  Look at that big belly!


My favorite sweatshirt….green.


Our “new” Craigslist-find couch….green.


New IKEA napkins…


My friend Kate brought me a new hula hoop!!   Color?  Green, obviously.


Even the kitchen cleaner and babyfood maker are green.


In the vein of all my green love, I’ve been making and loving green smoothies for the last 6 months.  Alex will down them (not paying attention to the spinach inside) as long as I include lots of berries that dye it purple.  If he was writing this post, it would be titled, “Purple”.  Anyhow, I have been wanting to branch out and try a smoothie with chard so I bought a bunch at the Farmer’s Market and today was the day.  Armed with the idea from this post, I gave this one a shot.  Alex looked at me in horror and declared that there was NO way he’d try it.  But, I loved it.  And it was lime-kelly green.  And so vibrant.  YIPPEE for veggies and fruit and fun straws.

Christine’s Version of the Tropical Green Machine Smoothie

(enough for 2 big portions)

1 bunch chard, stems trimmed off and discarded

2 bananas

1 handfull of ice

1 mango (fresh and chopped and peeled)

1 cup orange juice

1 cup nonfat greek yogurt

Put everything in the blender and let ‘er rip and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “green

  1. So pretty! I just got so inspired, I just picked the chard from our garden and made it- with one small adjustment. I used coconut milk instead of yogurt. I put it in an opaque sippy cup and told Viv it was a pina colada (which she loves…mango/pineapple/coconut milk). She’s drinking it and I am too. Mine was not NEARLY as pretty as yours though.
    thanks for the great idea. Yeah, you are totally a greenie.

  2. Yumm! I had no idea you were such a green smoothie fan~ way to go. Did Alex give this one a try?

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