A last chance for a meal together on Thursday.

A long night in the Garden, knowing what lay ahead, pleading with God to be spared from it all.  But, “Not my will, but Your’s….”

A day unlike any other.  Like Karin said during the service last night, “It doesn’t feel like a GOOD Friday.”  Sacrifice.  Obedience.  Death.  Darkness.  Jesus was pushed to the edge, like Abraham.  But unlike with Isaac, Jesus’ death wasn’t preempted.

And so we are asked, as the disciples were, to watch, wait & pray.

Knowing that disbelief over the miracle to come is already brewing in our bones….

We wait for Sunday…

*    *     *     *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *     *     *    *

Driving home from church last night, I realized how much I love this season of Easter.  Even when it means focusing on the hard aspects of our faith and Christ’s story.  Birth, though messy and painful, is filled with great joy and new life as we celebrate on Christmas.  And as we approach the celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter, even though it is preceded by an evening of sadness, goodbyes, reminders, prayer to the point of sweating blood, grief, anxiety and exhaustion, there is great hope.  Easter, like Christmas, is a celebration.  Another day of joy and new life.  Even amidst doubts, pain, fear and anxiety, we have an invitation.  An invitation to cling to a rich, abundant, freely given gift of Grace.

When reality seems far from perfect or what we see in front of us feels contrived and fake, give us strength, Lord, to remember that Your love, Your sacrifice, Your gift, given to all of us who are so undeserving, is just that.  A gift.

Our reality is far from perfect (you won’t see Alex’s DVD player and Toy Story playing just inches away from these pictures), but we squeezed in some egg dyeing tonight and will make some resurrection rolls tomorrow.  All in an attempt to get a hands on lesson.  A reminder of the New Life in Christ and the Spring that’s emerging around us…both incredible gifts from a God that loves us so much.

The beautiful artwork is part of a Lenten journey I found here.   I got up four of these pictures with Alex at the beginning of the month.  The last chunk went up tonight, after he was in bed!  Poor Drew….no egg dyeing for you this year, buddy.

2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. c,
    aren’t those pictures for the easter tree great? you make me feel better. we got up to #12 by doing 2s and 3s…and then got stopped. now the rest are up and i’m hoping we’ve started a tradition for the years to come. i’m still trying to figure out how we can make easter be the *big* holiday for our family without making it feel commercial for the kids.

    happy easter!

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