A little of this, a little of that….

It’s been hot potatoes in these here parts lately.  Wednesday was supposed to be the hottest and then Thursday trumped it, hitting, if not surpassing, the 90 degree mark.  So, staying cool has been paramount…in addition to being busy and away from the house, since it’s get a paint face lift.  The big “reveal” will come soon.  So glad our landlord agreed that a paint job was in order!

Most of these pictures tell the stories themselves, but be sure to look for…

  • Alex’s Ortega Park outfit (swim gear, plus a knit dog ski hat)
  • Playdate with the Grauperas and DeVries clan.  Just to put it simply.  Five kids.  2 weeks, 7 months, 18 months, 2 years and 4 years.  I love the shot where you see four of the five and a hand coming from the left.  Drew luckily stayed in one piece.  Alex also was very into Tara’s Toys R Us catalog (go figure) and helping Nathan explore his latest obsession…..garbage cans.  Alex’s face in the 3 picture series is pretty priceless.
  • Playdate with Gabby and a BIG bug.  Love that she’s getting ahold of her contacts to report the news on Alex’s toy cell phone.
  • And the Mother’s Day tea at the preschool.  Adorable singing.  Adorable teachers.  Adorable kids.  Sweaty moms (hot day, paparazzi camera tendencies….what are ya gonna do?!?).  Adorable spread of kid-made sandwiches and rice crispy treats.  Matt even snuck in to keep Drew in check.

Enjoy your weekend!  I’m off for an early bed time on a Friday night.  I’m showing my age.

sidenote:   If there are any pics you’d like to get a closer look at, just click on the picture and it will enlarge to full size resolution.

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