Feeding Joy

Today, thanks to Groupon!, I was able to attend a wonderful photography class with my friend, Suzanne.  One of my goal set back in January for 2011 was to work on using my camera’s full range of features.  If a photograph turns out how I envision it, it’s typically due to pure luck.  Seriously, no skill.  I think I have an eye for composition, but the technique??  Clueless.  My dad has tried to rectify this by getting me books, DVDs, and giving me tips.  All to no avail.  But today, we sat down for class and the instructor revealed the plan for the day.  The words “aperture, f-stop, shutter speed, bokeh, depth of field, white balance, iso….” came on the power point presentation and I knew I’d entered the perfect spot for me.

Then, the unthinkable happened….they had a drawing for 3 gift certificates.  And of all the people in the class, Suzanne and I BOTH won one of of them!  I was beyond giddy.  So, thanks to a discount and gift certificate, I now will get to go out in the “field” (don’t I sound technical!??!) and take another class.  YIPPEE!!!

I took pages and pages of notes and now need days upon days to practice and figure out where all the buttons are to control these things.  It’s enough to make me break out in a cold sweat.  Figure the boys will provide lots of opportunities to try fast shutter speeds and various portrait compositions!

Upon arriving home, Alex was feeding his own joy bank.  Swinging.  Matt rigged a great swing from our tree out back and seriously, Alex would be happy swinging on that thing for HOURS…”Just ONE more time, Mommy! ……  How ’bout just ONE more, PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE?!?!?”  all the while laughing uncontrollably.

Grandpa Kerry came back for another go at the play structure which is really taking shape.  We took a few “WOE” breaks to watch four 6-prop planes come in over our house heading to Moffett Field.  Alex supervised Grandpa and Dad, but also the painters who were back today.  The house is painted, the gutters up, and now the garage is prepared for paint.  Should be completed by Monday.  Happy Mother’s Day to me and thank you to our wonderful landlord!  Alex got some great time with the neighbor kids, totally in his element making sure everyone had a ball to play with {thanks to Grandma LeiLei’s Santa’s Christmas gift, each child in the neighborhood could have had TWO to enjoy}.  Drew supervised the automatic vacuum, aka “Neato”, squealing with delight.

So fun to sit back and observe what feeds each of us differently…..

a project to be completed by hand with hard physical labor
chatting it up with the neighbors
supervising and sharing “suggestions”
sitting in the shade, enjoying the cool dirt (that was our furry friend, in case you’re wondering….)
loud, self-moving vacuums
learning new techniques and skills
heart glasses (thanks, Vivi!!)

Many things are pretty ordinary.  But it’s often in the ordinary that we are fed joy.

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