A Little Bit of Wonderful…

It’s officially May….the month that unfolds with multiple birthdays and celebrations every day.  It seems like May was a magnet month for babies to be born and people to be married and days to woop it up.

I was born on Mother’s Day in 1974, so mom squeezed in her first celebration in the nick of time.  Alex came exactly one week AFTER Mother’s Day in 2007.  I remember being in church on Mother’s Day in 2007 and Matt asking for moms to stand up to be recognized and given a flower…and I was so huge that I could barely stand if I wanted to.  But I didn’t stand up because I hadn’t crossed over to “real motherhood” yet.  Just felt kind of weird saying I was a mom when he was still cooking inside.  And as I reflected the other day, even with Alex out and about for almost 4 years, and Drew for almost 7 months, I STILL feel weird saying I’m a mom.

I guess that weirdness comes from knowing what MY mom has been to me.  As an only child I received so much love and focus and attention, and didn’t really appreciate it until now.  As a mom myself, my understanding of my own childhood is becoming so much clearer.

Realizing the efforts she went to (along with my dad) to plant not one, but TWO gardens….

Endless pumpkin carving and cooking projects….

Planning trips and travel experiences for us as a family….

Or just carting me around everywhere to all my commitments for school, music, church and friends….

Despite all this, though, I just never really saw how sacrificial and giving my Mom was until much later.  She (and my dad) are seriously **THE** people you want in your life and church community.  I always tell my pastor hubby that he should make them move so he can have them head up fellowship events and buildings and grounds projects.  They are ALWAYS at church doing things.  Never complaining.  Not getting paid.  Not getting tons of recognition.

When I was in school, I loved that my mom was able to be home and provide a physical sense of stability for me.  With my dad teaching, he was home most of the afternoons, evenings, weekends and summers too.  I just didn’t realize how rare that was at the time.  I love how she’ll still see old classmates of mine or teachers and email me stories of what they’re up to….or clip tons of articles from the local newspaper, The Olympian, and keep me up to date.  {I have to introduce her to sharing newspaper articles via online links….I know.}

Now that I’m a mom, though, I am realizing with MUCH MORE DEPTH, the gift my Mom is to me.  She and my Dad make countless trips down to California to visit and always bring the best treats with them.  Not anything expensive or purchased or flashy.

Just the best recycled treats….Oatmeal containers for drums, stickers, my old favorite toys, supplies to bake something.  I love it.

And hey, proof my mom is superwoman??  She taught high school boys Home Economics.  In a class with just boys.  Yes, she’s crazy.

My dear friend, Susannah, makes cards for Papyrus and I love them {go buy some now at Target!!!!}.  Susannah blogs at {good but hard} and if you have google reader, put her into your feed.  You won’t regret it.  Anyhow, these two cards say what I’m blubbering on and on about so much better than I could.  Love you so much, Mom!

p.s.  Target only had the second card when I went, so I got it for her…hopefully the message on the inside of the card won’t scare her!  Ha ha ha.

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