7 Months

One year ago, on my 36th birthday, I had our “find out the gender” ultrasound planned at Kaiser.  I {{**KNEW**}} it was a girl.  The pregnancy had felt completely different.  And I was supposed to have a girl.  In my gut, I felt it was an unstoppable train.  Inevitable.  And then the techinician showed us this:

And as I was swearing {while Matt was videotaping the revealing, nonetheless}, she showed us this one to confirm it all.

And then Mr “Not Yet Named” Baby did this, as if to say, “I may be the second born, but I will be number 1….”

Honestly, that was a tough day.  I had been waiting to reveal to friends and family that we were having a girl.  But, all along, Alex had been insisting he was having a brother.  Matt and I chuckled to ourselves, often, about how we’d have to break the news to him that he’d be having a little sister.

After hearing the news and sitting in the car, dumbfounded, we finally took off for our day together to celebrate my birthday.  Matt had planned a surprise lunch in Healdsburg at Barndiva.  Super yum if you’re ever up that way.  So yummy that I still remember I had Goat Cheese Croquettes (with House-made Tomato Jam & Lavender Honey).  Sounds weird, but trust me….heavenly.  Also devoured the  BD Frites (Crispy Hand Cut Kennebec Potatoes & Barndiva Spicy Ketchup) and little slider hamburgers.  But the whole day, I was in a funk.

Finally at dinner, I succumbed and cried over the meal, with Alex sitting right there.  I was a mess.  Luckily, my mom reminded me of the importance of being honest with myself, mourning what I’d expected which would allow me to fully embrace what was unfolding.  And she was right.  It was an important step for me.  Oddly enough, it allowed me to accept being the only female in a family of boys….and now I can’t imagine it another way.

So, as Drew turned 7 months on Tuesday, I was reflecting on what was my new, startling reality, and what the last 365 days had unfolded.  This little gem!

As we’ve been reading, remembering about and being WARNED about….7 months is a pretty big turning point.  I found him across the room from where I’d left him the other day, intently playing with the outlet and 2 power cords.  He started getting visibly angry when I used my “Love & Logic” training to stop him from doing something he wasn’t supposed to do.  “Uh-OH!  That’s so sad.  Time to go to your crib!”   And his reaction, “Thank you for giving me boundaries, Mom!”  Uh, no.  Case in point:

7 months and we’re entering teething fun, getting into EVERYTHING, mobility, boundary setting.  But also beginning to see his personality emerging.  What a ride this parenting gig is.  Just when you think you’ve mastered the schedule, the routine, the likes/dislikes—–everything changes.

As much of a gift as parenting is, it is hard.  And draining.  And all-consuming.  So the fact that Matt surprised me with a night away on the coast for my 37th birthday was beyond exciting.  We did a lot of relaxing, marveling at the quiet time, lack of constant chatter, crying, movement, motion, vigilance our lives now require.  And as a sidenote….all of that is required during a time when your sleep is already compromised.  How do those two things collide so “perfectly”????

Time away always makes me appreciate the boys even more and helps Matt and I to reconnect, talk and be our non-parenting/before children selves.  This meant time to savor a few meals together.  A massage to work on my horrendously torqued back.  Time to sleep in without fear of what the kids were destroying.  An opportunity to hike and do a photo walk on the Ano Nuevo coast.  A chance to walk around Santa Cruz, enjoy the shops, have a leisurely lunch on Pacific Ave. and ice cream at Penny Creamery (shhhhh….don’t tell Alex!).  Rather heavenly.  But after 24 hours, we were ready to be home and see them.  Needless to say, 37 has started out perfectly.  A calm, relaxing beginning to what will be a memorable and adventurous and boisterous year, no doubt.  And Drew, we can’t wait to see what you’ll have cooked up over the next few weeks and months.  We love you, Buggy!

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