Last week while we were on my birthday getaway, Matt’s mom was here with the boys.  She commented on our return that her time with them had surprisingly relieved some great pain and tension that had been plaguing her back.  I laughed to myself thinking, “How could spending 24 hours with these two busy boys RELIEVE back pain?!?”  And then we realized that one of the less celebrated and appreciated joys in life is sitting with a baby, giving them their bottle.  Forced slowing.  Forced break.  Forced to sit down and savor and breathe.

And today, I was finally cognizant of this same truth.  Drew’s been fighting a bug and it was “gifted” to me today in full force.  Aches.  Pains.  Exhaustion.  Sore throat.  Runny & stuffy nose.  NO. FUN.  Drew can attest.

So tonight, I relished in the nighttime routine.  I sat and was present.  I slowed down.  Evidently Alex needed the same thing because after I got Drew down to bed, I went to check on him in the tub and he was slumped over with his head resting on his knees.  He assured me, as I feared he’d drowned, that he was just extra sleepy.

So, we’re slowing.  Trying to be still.  Rest.  And reflect.  Because four years ago tonight…..

(nope, Buddy….FOUR….not ten, although some days it FEELS like ten….)

…four years ago, we were heading to bed, having no clue that mere hours later a little munchkin would arrive on the scene….EARLY!  More details on that tomorrow.

As a sidenote….Matt did not rest today.  He went gung-ho crazy and finished the playstructure–with some real help (his dad, Kerry) and some attempted help.

And….confession….I went on a superhero / cupcake frenzy.

Can’t wait to celebrate tomorrow, after a LONG sleep and taking my own feeble advice to slow down.

“Be STILL and know that I am God….Be STILL and know that I am God….”

~psalm 46:10

{repeat after me…}

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