A Word from our Sponsor, Drew.

Feeling a little sad around these parts….

Say it’s not so!?!??!?


Don’t worry about me….just going through the second stage of mourning—-anger.

My brother is covering stage three—-bargaining—-

{and the grandparents say that that stage might last all of age four,


and no doubt, six}.

Depression set in as we reached San Jose Airport. In fact, I just fell asleep to escape it all.

Acceptance? Stage Five of the mourning process?

Well, we’ll see about that. At least they’re coming back to visit again in August.

For now, I’m going to work on foraging for some food since I won’t have four adults around to dote on me. Hopefully my feet will do the trick.

My big brother sang today (or looked around at all the other kids singing) at the Dad’s Day Party….

And I’m just hoping he doesn’t take off and leave me alone…in my darkest hour, in my grief!!

He gave this picture to Dad. I’m worried.

And Mom, you’ve been so busy…I have a tooth coming in…like in FIVE minutes. Pay attention!

What’s it take to get a little Orajel around here???

Note from Mom:

Welcome to June, everyone. And rain. I’m escaping on Monday for a conference in Portland. More on it later, but I’m super excited to have some focused time on my writing, looking at the “story” that God is writing in my life, and to spend time with friends up north. I’m going to the conference with my friend, Steph. Our moms were in Lamaze class together, so we’ve been friends for a LONG time. Can’t wait to share this conference together!

(here we are in 1975….just a few years ago! can you tell who’s who??)

For now, trying to remember what the “normal” routine was when there weren’t folks around to do this….

Or this….

And since Matt’s gone for dinner and the nighttime routine tonight….I might have to call in the dinner reinforcements.

That’s it for now, as I try to deal with my own processing, stage one. Denial.

One thought on “A Word from our Sponsor, Drew.

  1. Thank you sponsor Drew! You’re one photogenic young man.

    This was a delight to read and see — so much emotion conveyed through the photographs. I love seeing your family.

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