Change of Plans

Yesterday was the BEST.  I LOVE Thursdays.  Matt has the day off and Alex has no school.  We rarely make plans and just keep things low key and mellow.  Mellow is relative.  But, on the CALENDAR it looks mellow.  Alex set up a campsite for he and Drew.

Next, he expanded to the camper….aka….bring out all your toys and stack them on the couch and spend 3 drawn out hours painstakingly putting everything away.  FUN FOR ALL.  Drew’s taking notes.

After my parent’s visit and the exciting events of the Father’s Day Breakfast on Wednesday, I knew Alex was slowing down a bit.  This was Wednesday afternoon….crash on the couch.  I should have known illness wasn’t far off.  But, it’s JUNE!  Who gets colds in JUNE!?!

And so, here we are today.

Matt’s sick too, but Drew and I are trying to keep our distance and stay healthy.

He’s building up his muscles (and immunity)….

Getting his daily fiber intake….

Working out his frustrations….

So we’ve had a change of plans.  I was supposed to go on a fun photo shoot and lunch date today.  Tomorrow, my dream of going to the Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend event was paid for and the plan.  Matt was so thoughtful to get us tickets for my recent birthday.  And now, the weather forecast is for insanity from the skies.  And the boys are sick.  So….the calendar gets wiped clean while we wipe noses.

My mom can attest to my childhood difficulty {I’m sure this isn’t true anymore!!!} with change.  I didn’t want to be surprised with schedules or commitments.  It completely threw off my equilibrium.  But, enter children.  And life.  And thus….many changes of plans.  Great opportunities for flexibility.  Not my favorite, but seeing the gift in time together, even if that means trying to keep Alex away from Drew to not lead to more sickness, makes it special nonetheless.

Who knows what the weekend will hold?  No doubt, rain, thunder, lightening, couch sitting, movie watching, chicken soup slurping and some paper towel roll eating for some.  Enjoy your weekend, whatever may come, planned or otherwise!

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