My View from Here


I am trying to soak up and enjoy and be purposeful about each and every minute I have in Portland this week. I am so lucky to get to attend The Storyline Conference, hosted by Donald Miller. For those of you readers out there, he’s the author of Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles In a Thousand Years. Both are must reads!

Anyhow, I know the “cost” of being here….using miles to fly, enlisting the help of my mother-in- law to help Matt out with the kids during a crazy, busy week, etc, etc. So, trying to take it all in, do some hard thinking and work and think about the story my life is telling (or NOT) telling as the case might be.

For those of you who have asked what I was off to, here’s the basic premise, “the point of this conference is to think through and create our Storylines, that is, to consider how we are wired and begin to apply our talents toward an adventure we can enjoy. A good story is always about love, always a great risk and most often involves a great deal of conflict.” So many great things to think through….hard and positives in the past and seeking to gain a perspective that will make the story even better in the future.

I have always found the concept of “testimony” to be so exciting….the chance to testify about where, in a moment, interaction, experience, we saw God. Even when those moments might have centered around great pain or conflict, confusion or questions. The chance to be intentional about this is a gift. Can’t wait to share more!

(and yes…..I did hit Powell’s and Stumptown and Kenny & Zuke’s….send more recommendations for today! but as you can see, my only purchase tells you a lot about my current story!)


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