Almost Famous

Managed to get a view pictures of the Drewster this morning to commemorate eight months of life for the little buddy.  It was probably quite dangerous to give him this truck, but it was a desperate attempt to win him over with a new toy that might allow me to get a few pictures.  As you can see, “we” lasted all of 5 minutes.

Anyhow, I sent the image into Costco to get my usual wallets for his 12 month baby frame.  Later today I popped by Costco and had the weirdest incident.

I was paying and the lady at the next cash register over was helping another gentleman.  All of a sudden, I heard, “Hi, Christine!”  I kept digging for my debit card and then realized it was a man next to me, so she MUST be addressing ME.  Weird.  So, I looked up and said hi.  She has extreme strabismus/lazy eye like Alex had, so even when I looked up at her, I wasn’t sure she was talking to me.  Anyhow, about 5 seconds later, she commented, “Can you believe it’s been EIGHT months???”  Then I knew for certain that she meant me.  Didn’t have either of the boys with me, though, so I was still a little confused.  She assured me that she’d been so excited to print up my picture order earlier this morning and wanted to wish Drew a happy eight month birthday.

Cute?  or Creepy??

Still not sure, but I did laugh throughout my 1/2 an hour Costco shopping trip.

A closet People Magazine and US Weekly fan, I do have a great affinity for the famous subset.  I sneak in watching episodes of Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood while Matt’s out dutifully leading bible studies or attending Session meetings.  And yes, I often wonder what life would be like if I were famous.  What would day-to-day errands and life look like being in the public eye??  {ugh, just the THOUGHT of that, coupled with today’s incident is a big “NO THANK YOU!” from me}  Would I have a house cleaner, and thus, not be sporting gorgeous interior decorating skills like this??

Would I be driving Alex to school in this??

….a Tesla in case you can’t see….

{we were BOTH excited enough to scream to get the camera out on the way to the last day of school on Friday}

Even though I can imagine some of the perks of a famous lifestyle, I will whole-heartedly pass for now.  Even though our life is crazy these days, I’m grateful for anonymity (minus the Costco lady) and a pretty normal existence.

Drew, at eight months, you are such a love.

You LOVE…..

grabbing and YANKING my hair

grabbing and YANKING whatever I’m holding

grabbing and YANKING food from the shelves at the grocery store

grabbing and YANKING cords {time to finalize baby proofing!}

eating everything offered

sitting up straight on your own, looking at detailed things and fingering them

laughing at Alex when he’s having a temper tantrum (it’s entertaining, huh??)

“crawling”/throwing yourself towards where you desire to go

You’re a force, Drew.  Hopefully you and your brother won’t kill your mom before you turn one.

Just keeping LAUGHING at Alex’s tantrums, not EMULATING them….PLEASE.

We love you, Drew!  Happy eight months!

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