Contest Fun

Many of you have been inundated by this via email or facebook, but only a few more days to capitalize on the contest!

I’m crazy, I know…..
But, I need your VOTE!

Ha ha…..

Sent in a pic of Matt and Alex to a “Daddy and Me” Photo Contest and it’s one of the 16 finalists.  Would love to win and I need your help (this is oddly reminiscent of Senior Class Secretary voting in 1991).

If you have 20 seconds to go to this link {} and then click on the link/email address {}  to send an email and vote, that would be Love-a-leeee.  When you send the email, be sure to put:  SAN FRANCISCO 14  in the subject line.

Thanks, all…..another crazy Christine scheme.  Can’t help myself.

p.s.  Just for the record, this picture was taken almost a year ago while we were working at Westminster Woods Camp.  Each week there was a crazy game focused on a land called “Eccentricstan”.  The whole point was to dress up crazy and through the activity/game, get across the message that each of the kids is loved, valued and accepted no matter their differences or oddities.  Such a fun time each week.  For those of you that know Michelle Myers, you are aware of her extreme creativity.  This one was her brain child and baby.

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