You Are My BEST Dad in the Whole Wide World…

As Father’s Day 2011 rolls around on the calendar, it’s a Hallmark-y opportunity to celebrate the men in our lives.  This year we decided to do our own cards and projects.

While in Santa Cruz on my birthday last month, I had the chance to indulge in my favorite guilty pleasure:  uninterrupted time in an independent bookstore!  Ahh…..I hear the calming, spa-like wind chimes ringing now.  I snuck into the card section and found some letterpressed gems and tucked them away.  When Alex got to work today, he insisted on adding to their loveliness with stamps and Sharpie pens.  A sure-fire mess in the making, but I have a hard time saying “no” to crafty fun.


A few weeks ago, Matt patiently helped me figure out some Photoshop basics and we created some fun photo posters for the Grandpas {and secretly, one for Matt too!}….or not so secretly.  Here’s some of the many sentiments we feel for the men in our life!

And my personal favorite….

In all seriousness, MAN are we thankful for each of you:  Kerry, Jerry and Matt!  Thank you for what you have given to me and the boys time and time again.  Happy Father’s Day!  And to coin Alex’s favorite phrase of late….”You are my BEST dad in the whole wide world!!!!”  {or mom, or baby or whatever role you play in my life….}

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