Lemon Face

{WARNING:  After reading this post, you may never want to leave your children in my care.}  

We started a tradition with Alex back when he was one year old, of giving him lemons, just to see the fun faces he’d make.  At first, it was rather self-serving, for our entertainment.  But as time went on, even up until today, he still requests lemons to suck on to get at this face that can’t be captured any other way.

Well…..my face no doubt looked somewhat similar today.  And that wasn’t with the assistance of lemons.  Hats off and major kudos to my many friends who do this 24/7 as a single parent because it is really tough.  Not trying to have a pity party, but just keepin’ it real.

Matt’s away this week and overall, things have gone really well.  Mostly, I’m staying sane thanks to good friends and family who have come over and helped with the kids, spent the night, arrived for playdates, or sent me hilarious emails to keep my perspective in tact.

Today, for example, Matt’s amazing mom drove down to spend 24 hours with us.  She took Alex to the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose, to Costco and Kohls…basically entertaining him for 5 hours.  I needed that.  We were able to squeeze in some adult conversations {with a certain 4 year old’s regular interjections}, eat a yummy, grilled salmon dinner and introduce Drew to….


It all starts out innocently enough with a small lemon slice.

And then it starts to get a little…sour…

Miffed and confused, believing SURELY the same thing wouldn’t happen twice, you try again…

Quickly realizing that NOOOOOOOOOOOO…..it is still sour.  VERY sour.

And then it happens….LEMON FACE!!!!!!!!

One last half-hearted bite, an attempt to convince oneself that there is NO way Baba Judy and Mom would do this to me….

But yes, they would.  And they did.  MANY TIMES.

Thankfully, SOMEONE was willing to step in and console Drew….

But you can only imagine the thoughts going through his head—

And just for nostalgia’s sake, here’s a few of Alex’s first lemon face encounter.

Circa October, 2008, 17 months old

and there you have it….

proof of why you should never leave Mom at home alone with the boys.

Luckily my parents are coming when Matt goes away for another week in August.  They were both high school teachers.  They’ll try to keep my errant ways in line.

4 thoughts on “Lemon Face

  1. OH my word – I almost spit out my coffee!! Yeah, maybe it’s just the *tiniest* but mean, but hey, no harm done I did the same thing to my girls, and they still LOVE lemons!

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