I tend to give myself way too many options of what to read.  About two years ago, though, I made a pact with myself to forgo buying books and use the library.  While we were working up at camp in Northern California, our little sweet library was about 20 feet by 20 feet.  Each week I’d wait anxiously to see if books I’d put on my request list had arrived.  And non-failingly, after waiting MONTHS for something, it, along with 10 other requests, would all arrive on the same day.  And as a sidenote, the library’s only open 3 days a week, and on those 3 days, only for a few hours.  I loved it, though.  Part of the charm and gift of living in the gem, albeit quirkly, West Sonoma County.

You can imagine upon moving, I was seriously speechless upon entering our new library.  I am usually at the library at least once a week and just to put this all in perspective, today, 8 months after moving here, I found an entire new wing of the library.  Not a room.  Not a shelf.  Not a section.  A wing.  And I would not be surprised if there were upwards of 500 people nestled into cubicles, work tables, bean bag chairs and computer stations researching, reading, sleeping away the day.

And as you can see from my assortment above, my nightstand, thanks to our handy, dandy library!, has quite a few choices.

  1. Love and Logic’s “Millionaire Babies or Bankrupt Brats“? to help me sift through the ideas of allowance, chores, and responsibility
  2. Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” {in audio cds or book form, depending on my mood, showcasing my tendencies toward indecision}
  3. Caroline Kennedy’s “She Walks in Beauty“, a phenomenal collection of poems I own thanks to my mother in law’s birthday gift to me!
  4. Anne Lamott’s “Bird by Bird:  Some Instructions on Writing and Life“….had this in my classroom and couldn’t find it, so I added it to the library request list.  Excited to re-read this one without the teacher lens on, seeking to see what it has to say to me in this season.
  5. Sunset Magazine.  Need more be said???
  6. Shauna Niequist’s “Cold Tangerines“.  I could re-read this book over and over and over and over.  Her writing is magical, thought-provoking, moving, hilarious.  I think she’s my secret author crush.  Love her work!!!
  7. Mark Labberton’s “The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor“.  I love Mark, not just because he married us and was a huge influence in our lives, but for his prophetic voice, his commitment to the gospel and for asking hard questions.  Matt has warned me that the title is a true reminder of the weight of this book.  And thus,  I haven’t started it yet.  I really want to read this one in community.  Just thinking that it might be too easy to wiggle out of the implications otherwise…
  8. And finally, the list wouldn’t be complete without some fluff and chick-lit, Madeleine Wickham’s “A Desirable Residence“.  The funny thing about it?  As I’m writing the title and re-looking at the various versions of the cover, I’m realizing I’VE ALREADY READ THIS.  Clearly, this genre is extremely memorable.  Life-changing.  Unforgettable.

This long drawn-out list of books to read….why???  Well, today, my blog hits 100.  A century of blog posts!

And I know you, like me, have a lot of books, magazines and online newspaper articles to read.  Information is coming way too fast, way too often, way too overwhelmingly for my taste.  There’s something satisfying in the wait.  Waiting eight months to get a book from the Sonoma County Library and then receiving a notice that it had arrived?!?!?  Well, Christmas in July!  I would almost salivate in these moments.

So thank you, faithful ten readers!, for your patronage, support and encouragement.  This venture into blog-writing began at a time of transition for me.  A movement into parenting two boys.  A literal location change as we had just moved from the Redwood Forest to Silicon Valley.  A change from being paid monetarily for what I do each day to receiving preschooler created art masterpieces and infant-given kisses and squeezes in gratitude.

This blog has become a place for me to explore parenting, faith, vocation, photography, my own jumbled thoughts, in hope of finding some clarity, God’s vision and voice, as well as connection to the wider community.

Thanks for sharing this space and helping me dream into what it is to become.

both of these cards were Trader Joes treats….both from Matt, one for my birthday and one for mother’s day…..both perfect, so I had to share


5 thoughts on “100

  1. Thank you for sharing yourself through this blog! If you ever do want to read Mark’s book in community, let me know. I have it and read the beginning. I’ve been busy reading/doing other things since then.

  2. You will LOVE Bossypants. I read the hard copy, but I hear the audiobook is excellent. The cruise/honeymoon chapter was a particular favorite. We’ll discuss when you get a chance to finish it.

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