Today didn’t quite go according to plan….but I should know better. I decided to fudge on the nap schedule to make the day work for me. And pushing and pulling naps, especially with a teething infant, is just plain dumb.

So when said infant was melting down prior to us trying to jet out for the evening church service, I resisted the urge to push what I thought Alex and I would like best, and put Drewske first. We stayed home, put Drew down for a 4:15pm nap (also not advisable), and did what we all should do on a summer afternoon….hung out in the hammock.

Alex enjoyed the reclining camp chair and the latest issue of “Sunset”.


He interjected about 40 million, “So how was you day, Mommy????” questions which while cute, can get a tad bit redundant. Guess I’d prefer that to countless “NO!!!!”s.

We checked out a plant that is actually blooming in our yard, thanks to Matt’s timed drip watering system. This fuchsia has been with us for about 3 years, even surviving the move from camp to Sunnyvale. It has died, looking like brittle, dried up sticks multiple times, only to surprise us again and again with brilliant blossoms.


There are more metaphors in that plant’s rebirth than I care to create. The surprise, the blooms, the color are a gift I don’t take lightly.

In these surprises, in the unplanned moments of connection with Alex over an issue of “Sunset” in the hammock, or while making & consuming hundreds of Popsicles, I am finding myself replenished. I didn’t manage to chart or schedule the renewal. In fact, it typically happens in the least likely or most unexpected times.


Replenishment can come in so many shapes and sizes, but funny enough, I’ve lately found that some of the planned moments have been the least refreshing. Maybe you end up rushing out the door, trying to get to a pedicure appointment on time. Or driving in frustration trying to find a parking place before a massage. Or rattling off lists of reminders to the babysitter so you can head out for a relaxing dinner with your spouse or a friend. These societally accepted and encouraged forms of replenishment often leave us equally, if not more, stressed than we were to begin with. Especially when you throw in the cost of such adventures.

So, here’s to the cheap, unexpected moments of summer rest. Conversations with four year olds. Melting popsicles. New issues of “Sunset” magazine. Putting your feet up, swinging in the hammock. Memories to savor….none of which involved ANY form of technology or money expended. Love it. Enjoy stepping into the last week of July!

One thought on “Replenish

  1. Sounds like my kind of summer day~ remember those summers when Popsicles and kiddie pools were what the day consisted of~ does it really get much better than that? Not in my world~ glad you enjoyed your day~

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