It’s Just….Messy

I am a control, neat freak.  And I forgot just how MESSY the next few months are going to be.  Nine months until….2 years?  Or maybe until age 18?!?!

We JUST get something picked up and turn around to see everything dumped out again.

“ME!?!?  Make a mess???  Ha ha ha….Oh, Mom….”

He’ll get a little blueberry muffin for lunch….and I keep finding it, hours later.

In his hair…

In his thigh folds….

In his onsie….

In the tape of the diaper….

On the floor….

In our dog’s hair….

Almost anywhere but in his mouth!

And I keep having these “Ah-HA!” moments.  “Oh, yes, Christine….this happened with Alex, it happens with all babies….they are just messy.”  Literally and figuratively.

Babies, along with kids in general, tend to mess a bit with the planned schedule.

Illness crops up….

Playdates are had.  Bikes are ridden.  Mud is made.  Art is created.  Food is concocted.

And all of these endeavors….even the times when they are TRYING to HELP in the clean-up….ALL of the moments often boil down to messiness.

(just take a minute to see the AMOUNT of Cheerios on Drew’s high chair…..that’s a story for another day)

And after all this internal complaining and whining, I read this post today by Ann Voskamp.  And woooo-weee, did it put things in perspective and give me a swift kick in the rear.  Take a minute to read it.  For me, this is the crux of it all…the glory in the midst of the mess.  Ann reflected,

“Perhaps, in small, unremarkable ways, I too can enter into the communion joy of dying to self?  A child wails and clings, and I’m late and the oatmeal burns.  Again to open dry lips: ‘Give thanks for his torrent of good. Lift up the cup. Drink it all down.’  Perhaps, in this high calling to humble living, it is possible to remember daily his far greater sacrifice, his innumerable unmerited kindnesses, and choose to give thanks for whatever he gives in the moment—all of it.”

And to choose to give thanks…..for WHATEVER HE GIVES….ALL of it.  Even the Cheerios.  Even the dumped out toys.  Even the muffins, muffins everywhere.

Do I remember to give thanks in these messy moments??  Ah, no.  Especially after having two sleepless nights in a row.  Not. A. Pretty. Picture.  So yes, I’m messy too.  We all are….even in our best moments, when things are all organized and put away and our lives are neat and tidy.  And that is why we need Grace.  Because even when it looks perfect, even when we are fooled into thinking life is ideal, we are reminded that these moments are short-lived.  And our happiness is temporal.  Joy and gratitude must ring true because of Something that is deeper, longer and wider than any circumstance.  The LOVE that grants us Grace—even when we mess up in the messy moments.

6 thoughts on “It’s Just….Messy

  1. I just try to tell myself that one day, all too soon, the mess will be gone. Maybe I’ll miss the mess, the noise, the chaos. If I’m not cleaning, what will I do with all that free time?

  2. Whose mess is gone?!?!? Around here, it just changed. Messes remain, but the content changes. What was once muffin crumbs, cheerios and toys is now chip crumbs, computers, iPods, cell phones, and books. And shoes. And sweaters. And backpacks. *sigh*

  3. I love the quote from Phyllis Diller that says: Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.

    You’re not alone. And the Cheerios on the high chair – hilarious!!

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