Like Sand Through the Hourglass…


Oh, my word. I had been waiting with a little bit of the shakes for the month of August to arrive. My hubby was going to be gone for a weeklong trip with the high schoolers, but luckily my amazing parents agreed to come down from Washington State and help. Pheeeew! We squeezed in a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. A bit insane, especially when seagulls dive bombed us and one snatched Alex’s cheese—-wrapper and all. Also hit up Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos. Awesome for parents of boys out there. The week was filled with much more.

Much more…..
Bottles given
Food fed
Time outs given
Cityscapes drawn
Ferry boats built
Blocks taken down and up countless times
Playgrounds visited
Beds jumped in (and invaded!) each morning
Bouncy balls thrown
Floors swiffered
Loads of laundry completed
Last minute grocery store runs made
Christine jet outs to hair cuts, photoshop classes, ladies night hot tub relaxing, Target and grocery runs (sans kids!)

Needless to say, my parents, no doubt, relished a quiet plane ride home after seven days of insanity.

The preschool let out for three weeks and luckily, we kept our vacation plans and will be gone for seven days of those three weeks. Eeeek! I know I’m not alone. Reading Facebook updates reveals many of you out there feeling and experiencing this same odd dynamic. Trying to squeeze the last few ounces of goodness out of summer while simultaneously crossing off the days until school starts amidst rising numbers of time outs, raised voices and heavy breathing? I had no clue about this aspect of summer vacation as a teacher. A teacher without my own children, that is.

So, with the gift of some beach days coming up, I want some tips! EASY meals, survival tips for two busy boys on the beach (one who will no doubt be eating half of the California sand inventory), and how to get two kids to sleep in a room together. Guessing that less tends to be more in situations like these. Less plans. Less expectations. Less to dos. More beach time. More snacks. Continued attempts to keep nap schedules and eating times as regular as possible. Anyone want to send a packing and grocery list? Better yet, pack for me while simultaneously watching the kids?

Alex can help carry heavy loads!


As a “Days of Our Lives” viewer in the 80s, the voice over about “sands through the hour glass” feels like an old friend. Do you remember that? “As sands through the hourglass, so, are the days of our lives….”. Sometimes it feels like that sand is barely moving, one granule at a time. Other times, it is pouring through the hourglass in a quick blur. Drew will be 10 months in Thursday (quick blur). Building parking garage after parking garage with blocks (One. Granule. At. A. Time.).

So, as sand and time together as a family is coming down the pike, I promise I will try my best to do what so many of you keep encouraging me to do….ENJOY this stage, whether the sand is blurred or clear, grain by grain. And hopefully, the next few weeks will be filled with some special, sweet, unexpected, adventurous, and laughter-filled memories along the way.


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