Around Here

I love junior highers and high schoolers. I know I feel things deeply {cue husband rolling eyes}, but my love for this age group is palpable. So many amazing things going on in their lives. The developmental curve is huge, especially in terms of faith development.

So, when I take off my rose glasses long enough to listen to parents around me share about their 12 to 18 year olds….the pimples, driver’s permits, the homework strains, the shutdown/eye rolls, my heart aches. And fear grips me.

I wonder and worry about my two. What will their 12 to 18 year old stage be like? Who will their friends be? Will they still snuggle up to me and have real conversations filled with questions and wonder? I pray daily, hourly!, that God would bring special people into their lives. Teachers that inspire them to reach for learning with love and passion, not just obligation. Youth group advisors and camp counselors to walk alongside them in ways Matt and I can’t. A relationship with each other, as brothers, that is unique, strong and authentic, filled with deep love. Connection with grandparents like I was privileged to experience, brimming over with fun adventures, memories, and conversations. Friendships that allow for community and longevity in ways that span the distance of school, but also college and beyond.

I know that in ten years, the days that unfold before me now, will seem like very distant memories. I will long for Drew’s first steps, Alex’s block building mayhem, negotiating about what to bring for sharing, park playdates and rushing to find bathrooms when Alex “HAS TO GO POTTY NOW!”

For now, this is our “normal”….some images of what has filled our days lately. Since this blog will hopefully serve as a lens into the kid’s daily lives down the road, Alex and Drew, here’s a little slice of life, end of August 2011 style. Love you both so much, even when you eventually have zits and are struggling with driving a stick shift and understanding your calculus homework.


Alex and his new pillow pet, Pedro the Peguin


Daddy’s old Paddington Bear, getting the pirate treatment.



Spelling letters, upon letters, upon letters, with straws…


Teething trauma.


And some relief (straps from the high chair…highly effective and free teething treatment!).


Treat for Mommy and Daddy


Fresh picked tomato goodness from our garden.


Moments alone for the parents to stay sane when moments like the one below threaten our stability.



Drew surveying the cabinets and taking “inventory”. Sorry for the blur. Hard to keep this one still these days.

So much brother love….





And a great deal of antics….



Getting your “glasses” on to take a pic for your preschool conference meeting. Again….ANTICS.


All in all, what a marathon it is. Whether it is trying to keep up with the toddler/preschool set or the journey of parenthood or the questions and trials of adolescence, it is a marathon. A marathon with highs and lows, fears, uncertainty, mess ups, laughs, and attempts to communicate. I’m gonna take a cue from Drew….rest, take in the view, and try to remember the truth of this quote I keep running into:

Please take responsibility for the energy

you bring into this space.

~Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor


4 thoughts on “Around Here

  1. what a sweet reflection and application to take a moment and soak up this precious season. the truth is you are such a gifted mother and youth worker, and your boys will benefit from a mom who will be able to love them and relate to them throughout their entire development.

    plus, at its very worst, there are only really 2 years where adolecents really freak out and are forever pissed. but time marches on and that 2 years comes and goes, and then is gone forever.

    but long before that angst, lets soak up the cuddles!!

    you rock and i am always blessed by you and your family. thanks for the posts.

  2. Christine, I feel myself tear-ing up at this one! Such beauty and appreciation for the present….yet acknowledgement of the future….wow.

    Love you woman!

  3. Christine, we are really enjoying our 14 year old son! We have great conversations, he has found a group of friends who seem to be headed in a healthy direction and has wonderful experiences and support in his scouting community. Of course, we always keep our fingers crossed too! (Some of the 14-16 y.o. scouts are in a quite difficult-to-tolerate phase) I think teen years are where you can be thankful for having boys – moms of teen girls seem to have much more drama in their lives! The preschool and early elementary years may be easier with girls though!
    Your boys are very lucky to have such a conscious, present mother who clearly enjoys them despite the challenges. I have no doubt that will continue whatever age they are.

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