Bye, Bye Binkie


Sometimes things just come to an end. And then you find yourself looking around for evidence of their departure. One day there is one reality. The next day, the scenery has morphed.

And so it is for us…one day, we were in lock down mode if the binkie was missing. Our second child was a “sucker from the moment he took his first breath”, according to the 40+ year veteran nurse that took him for six glorious hours the day he was born. After the gift of sleep, she brought him back to me, having taken him on her rounds allowing me 2 extra hours of solitude, with a bright orange binkie in his mouth. And thus, Drew’s love affair began on day one.


Ten months later, however, those beloved binkies are only used for pitching practice. Learning the physics of gravity firsthand.

So…..somehow, his need for the binky has vanished. One day the binkie was in, and the next, it was OUT. {Sorry. Couldn’t be helped. It’s Thursday. Project Runway night. Heidi Klum must be quoted.}

We are witnessing Drew’s need for independence at an alarming rate. He wants nothing to do with being spoon fed….insisting (and trust me, the neighbors have even mentioned his “vocal determination”) on doing everything himself. And his dismissal of the binkie has been no different than his need to feed himself, choose his own toys to play with or communicate simply with others. Temper tantrum city til he gets what he wants…


In this case, though, there has been no tantrum. Just refusal. Flinging it away as far as possible. Then laughing.

Sometimes I wonder if Drew’s approach would be easier in the long run than the slow, methodical, habit breaking plans we try put into place. Just cold turkey? Flinging the offending object as far off as possible?

The question remains….slow and steady? Or 180 degree turnaround? Which has the longest impact? Who knows, and no doubt, the dreaded answer is, “It depends…..”. All I know is that those binkies are disappearing prior to a certain someone’s morning wake up. Maybe a little irrational, but why incite MORE drama?

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